Transferring licenses after RMA (Cisco)

Our ASR 1001 had a hardware failure with the SPA Interface Processor  and we had to file an RMA for it. Once we got the device to the data center and started loading up the config, we realized it required the ‘advipservices’ and ‘ipsecurity’ licenses which were being used on the old router. After speaking to the licensing support team, they explained to us that we can get a license transfer in this case as this is a replacement device. We gave the serial number of the old router and the new router with the RMA and SR number that was raised with them and she sent us a .lic file that can be loaded on the new ASR router.

If you have been looking for this, here’s another way to get this done; (A phone call to Cisco is definitely a better option with the below information handy)

Email with the following information;

Old Serial number:
New Serial number:
RMA number:
SR number:

They will reply back to you with a new license key or file (based on your device) that can now be used on the new device that came in as a replacement.

This is not just in cases of RMA, if you have a spare device already you can also initiate a license transfer to that device with its serial number.


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