How to setup and configure Infoblox vNIOS in EVE-NG/Unetlab

  1. Place the Infoblox DDI KVM image in the below path in EVE-NG.
  1. Fix permissions
/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions
  1. Open a new lab and add the linux-vInfoBlox-NIOS-8.1.2 node in EVE-NG and assign resources:
1 vCPU, 1536 Memory and 4 interfaces
  1. Start the node. Default username/password is admin/infoblox.


  1. In a standalone deployment, LAN1 interface (e1) will be used for management as well as for answering DNS queries. Run the following commands on the console and provide the necessary input as per your topology.
set network


set security


set remote_console


set temp_license


First select license 2, complete the prompt, then run the command again and select 8, complete the prompt.

  1. SSH and HTTPS to the console using the default username/password and the IP address configured earlier.


  1. You can start configuring your grid master (standalone) with appropriate hostname and DNS records.



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