Why this blog?

Hello readers, welcome to Networkology! This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me on this one. ;-) There might be many mistakes and goof ups in the posts that I share but this is how you go past the initial learning curve!

Network and Security would be the essence of the blog. Whatever I know and whatever I shall ever know will be posted in here. However, I will be putting in some chunks of updates/news on other tech stuff too.

Valuable suggestions from anyone who would like to share their knowledge on blogging are highly appreciated. And as far as technicality is concerned, I’m always open to comments, be it positive or negative. It’s humanly impossible to be perfect but, striving to achieve perfection is what matters.

I’ll never learn unless I make a mistake and you don’t rectify it. See you at the posts! :-)

17 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. Hi Shoaib, I will suggest you to put more and more information of F5, Checkpoint, Netscreen on you blog. The reason is cisco has made available superb documentation on web which is understandable to beginner also. But if you can put more info about F5, checkpoint and netscreen in such a way that it will be understandable to the beginner then it would be great help to our network & Security community. Wht you say? Below are the topics which I can recommend you.
    A. Netscreen
    1.NSRP config
    2.VSYS Config

    1.Difference betweeen Traditional mode and Simplified mode VPN
    2.SSl VPN conig
    3.RA VPN config

    1.Simple iRules config
    2.Certificate update procedure.

    These are the topics which are simple but we often stuck on it for actual coniguration. Hope it will help. Note: Please try to keep yourself away from CISCO related posts ;)

  2. Excellent site. Would be great if we could use the sections you’ve covered in a lab setup to understand the full benefits. Is this something which you are working on?

  3. Hi Sage,

    First of all, thank you for taking time to appreciate the content on my blog.

    I would really love to do that but right now work is keeping me away from the blog. And I have missed out on some certification deadlines I had set. So blogging is on hold for the moment but I’ll bounce back once everything falls in place.

    Keep visiting! :)

  4. Hey Manas,

    Thank you for the suggestions!

    The reason I wrote only on Cisco topics is because I’m quite familiar with it. I cannot write on stuff I’m not very confident on. My next series of posts will be on VPN and later I’ll get on to Check Point. Then NetScreen and then F5 ;).

    But your suggestions will definitely be taken into consideration. :)

    Keep visiting!

  5. Well, i know this is a very old entry on this website but i just wanted to tell you that all the posts you’ve published are very helpful. I’ve learn a lot of security reading your posts. Most of them are in plain language and very straight through. Keep it up!

  6. Hi Shoaib, great site! very helpful, i am studying Checkpoint and found your Blog, really helpful. Keep it up! Will drop by again for sure.
    Best regards, Rachid

  7. This is an awesome blog. Thanks so much for posting. I look forward to reading the rest of the articles here.

  8. Hi Bud, I found your blog by the way when looking for information on GRE over IPsec, and I think its pretty cool thus far. Keep up the good work and how’d your technical prowess progress been going thus far ?

  9. Hey,

    Thanks. I have been quite lazy to update my blog for the past 2-3 years. Not as active as I used to be once.

    Technically I’m caught up with the industry trend of automation, orchestration, Software-Defined-Everything, etc..

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